Some spring sledding…

The weather is becoming nicer and there is still a lot of snow on the ground and that means many people’s thoughts will be going to “what a nice day to go sledding in the nieghbourhood”.

Here are some things to remember before you head out to enjoy some spring sledding:

Do not drink and Drive: this is a criminal offence
You can transport alcohol but you cannot drink it in public or on your sled
You cannot trespass on people’s property. The land does not have to be posted, in other words not all land that is privately owned does not need to have a “no trespassing” sign on it. The fine for trespassing is $287 and if you trespass at night it can become a criminal conviction.
You need registration and insurance to operate a snowmobile. The fine is $2,875 and your vehicle will be towed if you are found not be have the proper documentation.
Be extra careful and vigilant at night: Watch out for culverts, barbed wire and approaches.
Sledding is about having fun, enjoy the day with friends and family and also getting out and enjoying the fresh, almost spring air in Alberta.

Take care and have fun and happy and safe sledding.