I have been reading a lot lately about about distracted driving. Apparently everyone is on a cell phone while they are driving and not paying attention to the road. The answer of course is to bring in a new law to regulate our behaviour. I would like to thank the lawmakers for making it simple, by bringing in all the old laws together into one simple rule. What most people don’t seem to know or understand is that all those rules, except the new cell phone law already existed. There is also a general law that covers all those activities, it is called driving careless. This law has a penalty of 402 dollars and I believe that it also brings six demerits. This new law has a penalty of 115 dollars and no demerits.

The one thing that really concerns me is the fact that we have to bring in a new law to make people pay attention to the road while they are driving. Aren’t people supposed to be paying attention while they drive? After all they are in charge of keeping the passengers in their car safe, and the other drivers on the road as well. Since when did we as a society start having such low regard for our and each others safety that there needs to be a law to regulate it? Driving is one of those skills that should have our full attention, and we shouldn’t need other people to tell us that.