A few weeks ago the media was making a big deal that alcohol use had a huge cost to our society. Where have they been? This information is not new. All anyone has to do is go for a ride with their local law enforcement on any week end to see first hand what the effects are. Heck just go for a walk to the local establishment and watch the show.

These costs are not limited to law enforcement but can be and are usually very diverse. For example there could be costs associated to child welfare, medical, mental, possibly welfare costs; the different areas or agencies that could be involved are virtually limitless.

Alcohol has always been a problem in our society and until we realize that, it always will be. I am not saying that it cannot be enjoyed responsibly but there is always a certain segment of our society that cannot do that. One just needs to look at the statistics for impaired driving for confirmation. In November I had taken the Killam and Sedgewick grade nine class to the Camrose Courthouse to see how our Court system works. Most of the cases that appeared before the Courts involved alcohol. Actually only four did not involve alcohol. Alcohol is the cause of lots of issues in our society and I am glad that the media brought it up, but what is being done about it?